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Our Story

Since 1992, Altasciences has been a part of the clinical research process, working towards the development of specialized medicines and therapies. We prioritize educating our volunteers about the significance of their participation and emphasize the value of their contributions in shaping the future of medicine. We aim to demonstrate our appreciation for their involvement and show how their contributions are making a difference in the world of medicine.

Social Responsibility

We take great pride in engaging with the communities where we work and live. As part of our commitment, we organize various initiatives, such as Dare to Give breast cancer fundraising, monthly charity donations, school supplies campaign, holiday gift drives for children, food and winter clothing drives, and various other philanthropic endeavors. We reflect our passion, commitment, and dedication in everything we do, from our community involvement to our work.

Commitment to Volunteers and Participants

At Altasciences, your safety and well-being are top priority, as we move in unison to advance research and life-saving therapeutics.  Consequently, we prioritize creating a safe, comfortable, and caring study environment for our participants. We treat all our participants with utmost respect, transparency, and openness, starting from the initial recruiting and screening process, and throughout the trial period.

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